Coyote Howl / Come and "Get you Some"- May 12 & 13, 2012

by LZwire

Octoberfest 2012 Speed Run

by Chris Valley

Oktoberfest 2012 / Launching Rotor

by Jason H. Frankl

Octoberfest at McClures 2009

by Eric Froehlich

Ken Muscio and his retrieve crew at Twist Road (near Jamestown) XC flight

by Glendeco


Backside tow and landing in the primary LZ

by Diev Hart

Chris Valley landing at McClures

by Alan Diekman

Noman doing a swoop fly-by before landing

by LimpJimmy

Ken Muscio Landing the North Nob

by Glendeco

Landing on the Lakeshore

by Jason H. Frankl

Typical Pre-flight Antics

by Glendeco

Doc getting popped by thermals while landing

by Glendeco